Information about Bitcoin

Some information about Bitcoin, how to get Bitcoin and how to fund your account.

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What is Bitcoin

Like paper money and gold before it, bitcoin is a currency that allows parties to exchange value. Unlike its predecessors, bitcoin is digital and decentralized. For the first time in history, people can exchange value without intermediaries which translates to greater control of funds and lower fees.

Why use it?

You use bitcoin for many of the same reasons you opt to send an email, stream a movie, or download a song. It’s faster, cheaper, more secure and immutable. And its uses extend beyond the peer to peer payments. In many places, bitcoin is less volatile than the local currency so some use it to store value while others use it to consume at hundreds of thousands of vendors across the globe and online.

How to buy Bitcoin

DON'T buy Bitcoin, use a trading platform/website to order the amount you want with the exchange rate you are happy with.

If you directly buy the Bitcoin then you will pay market price for it, even from those trading platforms as they offer instant buy/sell as well, but if you list your own order then you can list your own price instead of paying the price that others decide.

For example you can list your order for $2300/1 Bitcoin even though everyone is asking $2500 for it, you don't need to order a full Bitcoin ofcourse, you can always order fractions like 0.1 or 0.01 Bitcoin.

You just need to observe the fluctuation in price to decide on your price, then list your order and give it some time to get filled, mostly you won't wait much if your price is like $10 - $20 less, but it might take anywhere between 1 hour to couple days if your price is couple hundreds less, and it worth the waiting if you want to save some dollars.

Some of those exchanges/platforms:

This might not work all the time, but if you are not in hurry then you should go this way, but here are couple more ways to buy Bitcoin:

Almost all Payment processors excpet PayPal allow their users to withdraw their balance to Bitcoin address, just make sure you follow their terms as there might be some restrictions on how you are able to withdraw to Bitcoin depending on your country and which method you have funded your account with, for example, some payment processors don't allow withdrawing to Bitcoin from the fund you have added directly by Credit card.

So, the easiest way to get Bitcoin is to fund your account in those payment processors then withdraw your balance to Bitcoin, just make sure you can withdraw to Bitcoin by funding with the convenient way you choose.

Some of these payment processors are

Other websites to buy Bitcoin

I might add more sites later whenever I find any that worth adding.

Fund your Planet Of Luck account

You don't need to create a Bitcoin wallet if you just want to deposit to your account in Planet Of Luck, that is the beauty of Bitcoin, if you are going to buy Bitcoin from somewhere then you just need to buy the Bitcoin directly to your deposit address from Planet Of Luck, (or to your deposite/purchase address in whatever place you want to use the Bitcoin in for that matter), you don't need to buy Bitcoin to your own Bitcoin wallet then send the Bitcoin you bought from your own wallet to Planet Of Luck, you directly buy the Bitcoin to your deposite address you find in the game and your account will get credited the moment we receive the Bitcoin to that address, just log in Planet Of Luck, click the "Deposit" button under "Character" menu then click the "Generate" button and use the generated address to buy the Bitcoin from whatever place you choose.

You need to click the "Generate" button only once, then your account will get funded whenever you send Bitcoin to that generated address, every player will generate his own and unique Bitcoin address that is bound to his account only.

You can consider your generated Bitcoin address from Planet Of Luck as your own Bitcoin wallet, only consider creating your own wallet whenever you decide to withdraw your balance, only then you need one to withdraw your balance from the game.

It is up to you ofcourse if you want to purchase Bitcoin to your wallet first then send the amount you want to your account in Planet Of Luck, I'm just trying to save you from paying an additional fee when sending the Bitcoin from your wallet to your game account.

You don't have to buy a full Bitcoin as well, you can buy fractions called Satoshi, 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshi, you can buy 0.1 or 0.001 Bitcoin for example.

Planet Of Luck will show you how to get some Satoshi If you don't want/can't buy Bitcoin, just log in Planet Of Luck and click the "Free Satoshi" button you see at the bottom right of the screen to learn more, more ways to get free Satoshi will be added to the Memebr area on the website once it gets finished.

Scroll to the end of this page for a list of a few websites (called Faucets) where you can earn some free Satoshi.

Bitcoin wallets

Here are some suggestions to some Bitcoin wallets you can choose from:

Online wallets

Check for other and different Bitcoin wallets

Visit and to learn more about Bitcoin, and if you are interested in joining any suggested websites by or and you see links to them here, then it is better to sign up through the links provided here if you want to support Amir Games.


This list contains some webistes where you can earn some free Satoshi by visiting them.

You might need to register on FaucetHub micro wallet to be able to claim free Satoshi from these faucets.

Some of these websites give free Dogecoins, you can create a Dogecoin wallet at to collect free Dogecoin from them, then you can exchange these Dogecoin to Bitcoin at many exchange sites like BarterMyFunds