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About Amir Ghayes

A photo of Amir Ghayes
A photo of Amir Ghayes taken on 2010

My name is Amir Ghayes, born in Egypt in 1980, I used to play alot of online games, I was unknown in these games but some people know me from these games as "Most Luckiest guy", "Amir amirlove Love" or "PrinceAmir", yeah sometimes I choose such bad avatar names, but who doesn't?!.

I'm the only one behinde developing the Amir Games website and the 3D free to play real cash economy online games Planet Of Dreams and Planet Of Luck which are under continues development.

Developing games is my passion and eventhough the website and the games I develop don't have the state of the art graphics, but I believe these can get enhanced later, what is more important to me is to work on new features and additions to the website and the games I develope, as the ongoing saying "Content is king".


It is always a pleasure to receive your feedback and I check all of them daily, use the form below to send your thoughts, bug reports, suggestions and criticism about the site or the games.

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