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Development progress

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I'm still doing an overall optimization which should fix the annoying bugs bothering us for a while already, and will be working on new interesting features soon after, I know I'm not giving much details lately but this is because the new features are another big challenges and I don't want to give hopes before making sure I can pass the challenges, so I keep them as a surprise in the release.

Giant hate bottles

Giant hate bottles are proving to be a good source of income for investors, some of these bottles aren't generating much commissions yet, but you shouldn't wait till they do, you should know that their price won't stay the same forever, their price will increase the moment we hit $200 commissions from them, and most probably will increase again later, I just want to clarify that point in case it isn't obvious, there is a tiny/samll/big chance that we will have more active players in the future.

Planet Of Luck version 3.1 has been released

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Combine Hate bottles.

New premium feature to track your hunting sessions.

Extract minerals faster.

Bugs fixes and more.

Read the full Release notes.

Download Planet Of Luck version 3.1.

Make sure to scroll to Planet Of Luck section.

I hope you will have fun.

Screenshot of Planet Of Luck version 3.1 showing hunting sessions tracker feature.

Planet Of Luck version 3 has been released

Sunday, March 11, 2018


You can permanently purchase Giant hate bottles.

Enhancers to multiply your Damage, Defense and extracted minerals

Stats on unlocked equipments starts where the previous equipment ends.

Auto heal and Auto craft.

New beautiful and huge continent.

Read the full Release notes.

Download Planet Of Luck version 3.

Browse the Screenshots of Planet Of Luck version 3.

Make sure to scroll to Planet Of Luck section.

I hope you will have fun.

Screenshot of Planet Of Luck version 3 showing the Permanent owner and Fighting owner of Giant hate bottle.

Back again

Monday, March 5, 2018


I apologize for the downtime we had in the last couple days, that was due to some server problems which took about a week to get fixed, but we are back now and everything should be working fine, please let me know if there is something out of ordinary.

It is a good idea to join our Discord group to be up to date with what is going on, especially on those critical moments like the one we had last week.

The new version of Planet Of Luck is almost finished, make sure to spend your Kill points before it is released as suggested in previous announcement, there is not much time left to do so.

Kill points

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Almost finished the permanent owner of Giant hate bottles in Planet Of Luck, all should be finished in couple days, all that is left is few more enhancements, and the release process should start later after doing the final adjustments.

I updated how to purchase Filled hate bottles by Kill points, and in the new version you will be earning Kill points till you have enough to purchase 1 Filled hate bottle, you will need to spend these kill points in order to earn more Kill points for another purchase, so make sure you spend your current Kill points before the new version, as you will be able to buy only 1 Filled hate bottle with the Kill points you have now no matter how many Kill points you have.

I'm expecting the new version to be ready in March, 2018, I still can't determine the exact release date, I will keep you updated.

Almost there

Sunday, February 18, 2018


I did many improvements, enhancements, finished some additions and almost half way of completing the Permanent owners for the Giant hate bottles in Planet Of Luck.

I'm expecting to be able to finish the remaining parts soon, and I think I have already finished the hard and time consuming parts, the rest shouldn't take as long, and this is your last chance to order any Giant hate bottle for a discount, you can order one now for 800 USD before it is too late as the price will be at least 1,100 USD the moment the new release goes live.

I might be able to update the Coming version page soon with an estimated release date.

Stay tuned.

Progress update

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Christmas and New Year events have ended, but the additions of the event to Planet Of Luck will stay, these additions will be the normal from now on, with the exception of adjusting the chance to loot Filled hate bottles in big hits to be less frequent, but keep in mind that I will be monitoring the effects of these adjustments and will have to act if I find bad side effects in the long run.

I did some good progress for the coming version of Planet Of Luck, fixed some bugs, implemented a few additions and finished the functionality of equipment enhancers, these are just parts of what have been done, but most importantly I finished the planning for the most parts for the coming version, the implementation of these parts should be easier and faster now that I know how exactly I will add these plans to the game, unless of course if I find some issues while implementing them.

I will be updating the Coming version page whenever I hit a milestone in the development.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


A new player called Governmental has joined us very recently and decided to support the game and to invest in it, he didn't just checked the already existed investments opportunities, he took the time to contact me to offer support and new ideas for investments inside the game and it didn't take much time till we both came up with a good investment idea for players, not only for him but for future interested players.

Starting from the coming version of Planet Of Luck, there will be 2 owners of each Giant hate bottle, a permanent owner, and a fighting owner.

  • Permanent owner

    Any player can purchase a Giant hate bottle permanently, he never loses its ownership and he will have the option to sell it to another player.

  • Fighting owner

    This is the same feature already exists in the game, nothing changes here, any player can be the fighting owner if he can kill the bottle's guard when he has the highest score, whether the bottle has a fighting owner or not, and it doesn't matter if the same bottle has a permanent owner or not.

I haven't decided on the final price for each Giant hate bottle yet, if you are interested in having a discount in a specific bottle then please contact me with your offer before the coming version, only Giant hate bottles level 6 and up are available now, because Governmental has already purchased the first 5 Giant hate bottles for a 4 figures number, if you are interested in one of them then send your offer directly to him.

Congratulations everyone, we will have better games soon with faster development, thanks to Governmental and to AC3 and to all of you who have supported and still supporting the development of both games.

Discord channel

Ebix has created a Discord channel for everyone to join and to stay on touch with others, and I will try to check this channel daily, come join us there, lets make this channel a fun place to hang around and to show to the world that you have confidence in Planet Of Dreams and Planet Of Luck and they will have a lot of fun soon.

I will add a permanent link to the channel soon.

A link to our Discord channel, having the Disorc logo

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 24, 2017


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our yearly Gift boxes event in Planet Of Dreams has started.

A special event has started in Planet Of Luck as well.

Read the full details and make sure to check both sections.

Have fun

New Year and Christmas event

Bitcoin is over 5,000 USD, let's move on

Sunday, September 03, 2017


Bitcoin has reached another all time high (for now) of 5,000 USD yesterday for a few minutes, even though it went down to 4,400 USD in a matter of couple hours after hitting its ATH, but counting on Bitcoin as the currency of Planet Of Luck made the game expensive to play.

It is time to move on, we can't treat Bitcoin as a currency for the game (or a currency at all) anymore, we should treat it as everyone else is doing, it is an asset to store value, same like gold and other valuables, and it gets affected by supply and demand (or market manipulation, doesn't matter).

Even though it is very likely that its value can go down to 2,000 USD range again, but it is very unlikely it will stay at that range for long, more likely it will keep hitting more ATHs soon.

I was well prepared for that scenario, inspired by players' feedback.

Effective immediately, the currency of Planet Of Luck isn't Satoshi anymore, the new name for the game currency will be "Coins", 1 USD = 100,000 Coins, no new download required.

You will be able to purchase the Coins by Payeer with USD soon, and can use your Debit/Credit cards to purchase the Coins through Payeer too, more payment methods will be added in the near future.

You can purchase the Coins by Bitcoin normally through depositing Bitcoin to your generated deposit address, but instead of crediting your account with the same amount of the deposited Bitcoin/Satoshi, you will receive the equivalent Coins depending on BTC/USD value at the time of processing, for example, if you deposit 0.01 BTC, and the value of Bitcoin at the time of processing your deposit is 5,000 USD, then you will receive 5,000,000 Coins, if it was 1,000 USD then you will receive 1,000,000 Coins, same apply for withdrawals.

You will be able to deposit by other Crypto currencies soon, like ETH, DASH, XMR and more.

The Agreement page has been updated, please review it.

The website has been updated to reflect the switch.

The switch procedure

The most fair way (IMO) for the switch procedure will be as the following:

  • Nothing changes for you if you have never deposited yet, you will have same balance, you won't receive any additional Coins.
  • All spent Satoshi before August 01, 2017 aren't taken into account, if you have spent Bitcoin before that date, then you have paid less than 2,500 USD for it, mostly the value was 1,200 - 1,800, I'd appreciate if you can accept to take a small loss with me, contact me if you can't accept this loss.
  • Your current balance will stay the same, and you will receive the equivalent Coins for your current Satoshi balance + all spent Satoshi after August 01, 2017 in a notification in the coming few days, continue using your balance as normal, any additional spendings will be taken into account.

The above switch procedure has been updated, the new procedure is at the bottom of this announcement, updated on Monday, September 04, 2017

All un claimed Activity event prizes will be deleted on September 15, 2017.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may caused, this shouldn't be treated as bad news, actually it is a good news, we have a way cheaper game now, and those who don't want to be bothered by the Bitcoin revolution can deposit/withdraw with the way they are used to.

Feel free to contact me if you have any complain or question.

In a side note, there is a slight chance that and our games might be inaccessible near the end of this month, make sure to bookmark or like our Facebook page, I'm not updating it as we will switch to more generic Amir Games page in the future, but it is important to at least bookmark our current Facebook page for cases like that.

The updated switch procedure, Monday, September 04, 2017

More fair and easier way for the switch procedure will be as the following:

  • Nothing changes for you if you have never deposited.
  • For each deposit you made, I will calculate the amount of Coins based on the value of BTC at the time of the deposit and the exchange rate of $1 = 100,000 Coins, then I will send you the difference in Coins.
  • Example, you have deposited 0.01 BTC when the value of BTC was 2,000 USD, and you received 1,000,000 Satoshi, the value of your deposit in USD will be $20 in this case, you can buy 2,000,000 Coins with those $20, so you will receive 1,000,000 Coins in a notification.

This is easier, has less impact and more fair for everyone.

Sorry again for inconvenience.