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Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 24, 2017


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our yearly Gift boxes event in Planet Of Dreams has started.

A special event has started in Planet Of Luck as well.

Read the full details and make sure to check both sections.

Have fun

New Year and Christmas event

Bitcoin is over 5,000 USD, let's move on

Sunday, September 03, 2017


Bitcoin has reached another all time high (for now) of 5,000 USD yesterday for a few minutes, even though it went down to 4,400 USD in a matter of couple hours after hitting its ATH, but counting on Bitcoin as the currency of Planet Of Luck made the game expensive to play.

It is time to move on, we can't treat Bitcoin as a currency for the game (or a currency at all) anymore, we should treat it as everyone else is doing, it is an asset to store value, same like gold and other valuables, and it gets affected by supply and demand (or market manipulation, doesn't matter).

Even though it is very likely that its value can go down to 2,000 USD range again, but it is very unlikely it will stay at that range for long, more likely it will keep hitting more ATHs soon.

I was well prepared for that scenario, inspired by players' feedback.

Effective immediately, the currency of Planet Of Luck isn't Satoshi anymore, the new name for the game currency will be "Coins", 1 USD = 100,000 Coins, no new download required.

You will be able to purchase the Coins by Payeer with USD soon, and can use your Debit/Credit cards to purchase the Coins through Payeer too, more payment methods will be added in the near future.

You can purchase the Coins by Bitcoin normally through depositing Bitcoin to your generated deposit address, but instead of crediting your account with the same amount of the deposited Bitcoin/Satoshi, you will receive the equivalent Coins depending on BTC/USD value at the time of processing, for example, if you deposit 0.01 BTC, and the value of Bitcoin at the time of processing your deposit is 5,000 USD, then you will receive 5,000,000 Coins, if it was 1,000 USD then you will receive 1,000,000 Coins, same apply for withdrawals.

You will be able to deposit by other Crypto currencies soon, like ETH, DASH, XMR and more.

The Agreement page has been updated, please review it.

The website has been updated to reflect the switch.

The switch procedure

The most fair way (IMO) for the switch procedure will be as the following:

  • Nothing changes for you if you have never deposited yet, you will have same balance, you won't receive any additional Coins.
  • All spent Satoshi before August 01, 2017 aren't taken into account, if you have spent Bitcoin before that date, then you have paid less than 2,500 USD for it, mostly the value was 1,200 - 1,800, I'd appreciate if you can accept to take a small loss with me, contact me if you can't accept this loss.
  • Your current balance will stay the same, and you will receive the equivalent Coins for your current Satoshi balance + all spent Satoshi after August 01, 2017 in a notification in the coming few days, continue using your balance as normal, any additional spendings will be taken into account.

The above switch procedure has been updated, the new procedure is at the bottom of this announcement, updated on Monday, September 04, 2017

All un claimed Activity event prizes will be deleted on September 15, 2017.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may caused, this shouldn't be treated as bad news, actually it is a good news, we have a way cheaper game now, and those who don't want to be bothered by the Bitcoin revolution can deposit/withdraw with the way they are used to.

Feel free to contact me if you have any complain or question.

In a side note, there is a slight chance that and our games might be inaccessible near the end of this month, make sure to bookmark or like our Facebook page, I'm not updating it as we will switch to more generic Amir Games page in the future, but it is important to at least bookmark our current Facebook page for cases like that.

The updated switch procedure, Monday, September 04, 2017

More fair and easier way for the switch procedure will be as the following:

  • Nothing changes for you if you have never deposited.
  • For each deposit you made, I will calculate the amount of Coins based on the value of BTC at the time of the deposit and the exchange rate of $1 = 100,000 Coins, then I will send you the difference in Coins.
  • Example, you have deposited 0.01 BTC when the value of BTC was 2,000 USD, and you received 1,000,000 Satoshi, the value of your deposit in USD will be $20 in this case, you can buy 2,000,000 Coins with those $20, so you will receive 1,000,000 Coins in a notification.

This is easier, has less impact and more fair for everyone.

Sorry again for inconvenience.

Planet Of Luck version 2 has been released

Monday, July 17, 2017


You can fill up to 10 Hate bottles on every monster kill.

Big changes to the Crafting system, including reducing the crafting extra cost and the ability to see the requirements to upgrade before 100% progress and much more.

The version of Equipments is identified by names now instead of levels.

Read the full Release notes.

It is important to read at least the highlighted sections (green and red) if you don't feel like reading the full release notes.

Download Planet Of Luck version 2.

Browse the Screenshots of Planet Of Luck version 2.

Make sure to scroll to Planet Of Luck section.

I hope you will have fun.

Planet Of Luck screenshot showing the effect of filling Hate bottles and the ability to fill 10 bottles at the same time

Never buy Bitcoin, trade for it instead

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Lets say that you see an exchange rate of $2500/1 BTC everywhere, should you buy with that rate? Ofcourse not, even if you agree on that rate, never ever buy Bitcoin, always trade for it through an exchange service like EXMO or CEX.IO, and again never ever buy/sell Bitcoin even on those exchanges even though those exchanges offer buying/selling Bitcoin, use their trading platform to list your own exchange rate, just don't go overboard (or go if you aren't in hurry), you can get the Bitcoin you need way cheaper this way, it is not uncommon to get your trading order filled couple hundreds dollars cheaper, try it, there are many exchanges, choose the one that has the best exchange rate that suits you at the time you want to buy then list your own order with your own exchange rate.

EXMO: many payment options like Credit card, bank transfer, Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer and many more.

CEX.IO: Credit card and Bank transfer.

Do you really want a forum?

Some players still thinking that I took the forum down intentionally even though I have said many times that it was on a free hosting which decided to stop its service all of a sudden.

I'm not interested to use free hosting for the forum anymore, you already were experiencing many problems and down time on the previous free hosting, and it is not practical to use that domain name anymore as we now have more than one game to discuss, I have backups of the old forum and we can have it back, but we need a new domain and a paid hosting.

Do you really want a forum? I ask this question because many players were pushing me earlier to finish the Registration page as they want to get some referrals and to tell others about Amir Games, but I haven't seen anyone bringing visitors to his referral link, not even those who were pushing me to finish it ASAP, will that be the case for the forum too?

It costs at least $70 - $100 a year for the domain name and the hosting, you can show if you really want it or not by Donating to that target, just add the word "Forum" in the comment box before confirming your payment, will be helpfull if you add your username too to let me know who is supporting this goal, and you can specify whether your donation should be public or annonymos, I will be updating this announcement with the total donations.

Total donations: $0.

We will have a forum no matter if we reach the target or not, but we will have to wait till I can afford it if we don't reach the target.

The following pages have been updated

New PayPal and new event in Planet Of Luck

Friday, June 02, 2017


Receiving funds was one of the restrictions PayPal applies to account holders in my country, but I have finally lifted that restriction and can receive funds normally, PODC purchases should be easier and more convenient now, just click the PayPal logo on the Member area to purchase PODC, you still will need to enter your Username in the comment box before confirming your purchase till I finish the member area, and hopefully a bit later you will get your PODC instantly after the purchase, but anyway you should receive your PODC faster now as I won't be depending on someone else to send me the transaction details anymore.

According to PayPal, all the funds I receive will be on hold for 30 days and are subject to 3.9% + $0.3 fee, and they automatically transfer the released funds to my withdrawal method at the first day of every month, that means PODC withdrawal requests might take longer to process, it could take up to 60 days to receive your withdrawal, with your help we can decrease the fee and lift all these restrictions, PayPal will decide on that based on the amount of transactions on the account.

Big wins doubling event

Big wins doubling event has started in Planet Of Luck.

1,000,000 Diamonds will be awarded to winners in this event.

Read more about the event in Planet Of Luck section in the Events page.

Good luck and have fun.

Special event canceled

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Special event canceled as it needs a lot of work to be done before and after.

I tried to create an event to help with the launch of Planet Of Luck to speed up your equipment skilling and to let you kill higher monsters and loot new components without the need for a new version, but it was impossible to continue the event without doing a lot of work before and after the event, it could be fine by me to do the needed work if we can expect to keep the changes, but no guarantee for that as players need to decide themselves and we may end up reverting back to higher HP for monsters which will add more work again and could mess many records, so I regretfully canceled the event.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will try to create more events in the future.

The active players through the few hours of the event have gained some good character EXP that I will keep as an apology for canceling the event, you should see a good boost to your EXP now after adjusting back the required EXP to next level.

The mobs history has been restored to where it was before enabling the event and the stats from those few hours have been added after doing the proper conversion.

Sorry again for canceling the event.

Registration page and special event

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Registration and referral links

The rigestration page is ready now for new visitors to create their accounts.

Invite others to Amir Games to earn lifetime commissions, you can use the following links (only) and add id=? then add your id at the end without spaces, the links are:


Replace xxx with your ID.

You can find your ID inside our games at Sponsorship window in Planet Of Dreams, or in Commissions window in Planet Of Luck, new visitors will have their ID sent to their email as well when they complete their registration.

You have to use one of the specified links only to get referrals, they won't become your referrals if you give them any other links to any other page even if you add your ID at the end of that page, they can ofcourse navigate to any other page and when they decide to create their account they will be your referrals, but only if they visit one of the mentioned pages with your ID.

More inviting pages will get added later to encourage visitors to create their account.

The number of visits to your referral links is recorded and you will be able to see some statistics later on your member area on the website.


I'm sorry for the forum being down, I didn't plan to take it down, that was sudden from the hosting company, anyway, I will try to get it back but not so soon I'm afraid.

Planet Of Luck

I want to remind you that, Planet Of Luck is different than Planet Of Dreams, you need to spend a lot of money and time before getting to the point where you can feel some profit or reduce your cost to play, it isn't as easy as it is in Planet Of Dreams where you can reach that point so easily or without spending anything or with minimum spends, it is already planned to have some difficulties and features from Planet Of Luck added to Planet Of Dreams, not to increase your cost but to make the game better and reward players who are actually contributing to the game and to other players, and to open up new opportunities for players of the same level.

It isn't that hard to know when you can feel playing more effeciently, for example, once your cost to kill a monster is equal to the monster's HP, I know it is a long way and the cost may be a lot, but you should have some patience to see the result after you reach that point (or earlier if you are lucky), don't give up that fast, you already spent some Bitcoin, don't let your spending goes to the waste.

I want to remind you too that lvl 2 monsters are bad, you need to go as higher as you can to feel more effecient, lvl 2 monsters have 10 HP, and it should cost you 10 Satoshi to kill them, and when you can do that you will get 1 - 20 Satoshi from them, but for lvl 3 monsters (20HP), you can loot 1 - 60 Satoshi, lvl 10 monsters have 90 HP, and you can loot 1 - 900 Satoshi from them, can you see the picture now? I know it is a long way, but rewarding when you get there, and the following speciall event has been made to make things easier for you for a bit.

Special event

Monsters will have less HP.

Level 2 monsters will have 2 HP instead of 10.

Level 3 monsters will have 3 HP instead of 20, and so on..

Through this event, you will be able to fill HBs faster, will be able to kill higher level monsters and loot different drops to help with crafting new equips.

Some adjustments to keep in mind through the event:

  • You gain character EXP when the monster die, and since monsters HP decreased then the required EXP to next level will increase by same ratio, you will see that you have less exp rate when the event starts, that doesn't mean you lost EXP or anything, only the required EXP has increased so you will see less rate.
  • The monsters history (total kills, best loot and so on) have been reset for monsters lvl 2 and higher.

This speciall event starts today till at least the end of May, we will see how this will end up, if it was good for the players and for the game then it will continue, if not then we will revert monsters' HP back and readjust what changed.

Have fun and don't miss playing through the event.

Planet Of Luck version 1.1 has been released

Monday, April 24, 2017


This is a small version update with a few additions and a bug fix.

Now you can fill lvl 1 Hate bottles by killing level 1 monsters.

You can see what you will gain by upgrading an equipment now and new buttons in chat window to enable/disable some options.

Read the few additions in the Release notes page.

Download Planet Of Luck version 1.1

Planet Of Luck version 1 has been released

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The beginning

Planet Of Luck version 1 has just been released.

Planet Of Luck is our new real cash economy game, where each item has a value and you can sell back directly to the game, or sell to another player or in Market for more profit.

Deposits and withdrawals in Planet Of Luck will be with Bitcoin only.

Read the full Release notes.

Download Planet Of Luck.

Browse Planet Of Luck Screenshots.

Make sure to scroll to Planet Of Luck section.

Give a try to our new game Planet Of Luck, it is totally different than Planet Of Dreams.

Activity event prizes are posted at the end of this announcment.

I hope you will have fun.

I will be playing Planet Of Luck, but not as a free player, I have some Satoshi to spend and will be gifting active players while I still have Satoshi.

Planet Of Luck screenshot showing a hall of fame entry by killing a low level monster

Activity event prizes

We had an event running in Planet Of Dreams to get you ready for Planet Of Luck launch, here are your final scores and your prizes.

Prizes calculated as follow:

  • An approximate value of Satoshi based on your Magic wands score and on Bitcoin/USD rate at the posting time of this announcement.
  • 1 Diamond for each score point.

The value of 1 Diamond is 1 Satoshi, I chose Diamonds as they are hard to drop from low level monsters and to give you a starting point to craft as they are required in all crafts, you are free to sell them to get some Satoshi, but it is better to use them in crafting till you can easily loot them.

Congratulations to all winners, you will receive your prizes once you try Planet Of Luck, I will be sending them manually, please forgive me for any delay if it happens.

PlayerMagic wandsSatoshiScore pointsDiamonds
call me 911300250,0002,9842,984
Trade Terminal12721,060,000377377
Auction King384320,0002929
Spartacus Son33,00011

New look and a new game

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Welcome to the new look of Amir Games

First I want to applogize for the long time it took to get to an acceptable design for the website, you know that it takes quite a bit of trying multiple ideas and designs before deciding on the one I will expand upon, and it ended up taking a different approach after spending a lot of time expanding upon my last choice, and it is still hard to find enough time to finish anything.

The design isn't finished yet and there are a few of "under construction" parts which I need to finish first before polishing and enhancing the design and add some interactivity to it, but that might take some time and I know you were waiting too long already so I called it good for now, most of the changes I needed to add are finished, these changes were more important than just the appearance of the site, expect to see more changes and enhancements in the near future.

Warning: Your referral link won't work as I haven't finished this part yet, anyone visiting that link will land on a non exists page, please pause any advertising campain you have running, though, you still can give your ID to your friends to enter while registering through the game client.

Planet Of Luck

Now to the interesting part.

There is something big coming soon, something that no one can expect a single poor developer like me can create or achieve, though those with eagle eyes can find out a tiny hint here or there, but I’m sure no one can even get close to what is this all about.

As you can see on the Home page, there is a new game launches soon, have you guessed that?, did you read its description?

Yeah, a new game where you can sell your loot to the game like you are used to in that other game, many players were asking if they can sell their loot in Planet Of Dreams in a "TT" like in another game, but we all thought that it is impossible to happen without a big company with a lot of money to offer that, but a poor developer like me managed to create a totally new game called Planet Of Luck where you can liquidate your loot at anytime and withdraw your money.

Don't panic, Planet Of Dreams still here and will stay and will get updated with new features and additions normally, we just have an additional new game to explore and have fun, with a different concept and functionalities, both games will receive regular updates.

You will find some similarities between both games like monsters' models, continents, loot and so on, I'm just reusing the assets from Planet Of Dreams (Temporarily or forever doesn't matter) but Planet Of Luck is a totally different game, don't judge too fast by reading this announcement or by its appearance that you will see soon, more info about Planet Of Luck can be found in Games page and more details will be posted on the Release notes page, please hold on any questions you have now till you try it out and see if I was right or not by considering it a BIG and exciting surprise.

You will be able to log in Planet Of Luck with same log in details you use already to play Planet Of Dreams, play both games or stick with one only is your choice of course, don't worry much about choosing Bitcoin as in game currency in Planet Of Luck, you will learn how to get Bitcoin once the website is finished.

New visitors to Amir Games will be able to create their account in the registration page soon.

Planet Of Luck launching soon, I just need to add an extra layer of security, and the prizes for the last activity event will be announced with the release, please review the updated Agreement and browse through the new design when you have the time.