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Christmas 2020 Farms

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


First, I want to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for everyone.

The Farms page has been updated and the Sell button will get activated automatically on the ROI date to let you sell the Trees you have purchased from the First Farm.

Another update to the Farms page is the addition of a new Farm, Christmas 2020 Farm, and the page is ready to add more Farms easily in the future depending on how successful this Farm will be, additionally, the Farms page has more dynamic interface for each Farm now.

It is very important to purchase Trees from Christmas 2020 Farm, everyone should purchase some Trees from this Farm, no matter if you are active or not, no matter if you play Planet Of Luck or Planet Of Dreams nor neither, reaching the target of this Farm is very important and will determine how successful the year of 2020 and the following years will be.

Here is why you should purchase some Trees from the Christmas 2020 Farm:

1- All the dates are set and you know before hand what the target is, when the sale ends and when you can sell the Trees.

2- You will get 200 Secret ingredients daily from each Tree you purchase to help you craft more items, double that amount if you collect the daily items, the sooner your purchase the more items you will collect.

3- The ROI is 120% if we reach the target, that is 20% profit in 4 months(or less).

4- No need to worry about reaching the target when you purchase some Trees, as you will be able to get back your money sooner than the specified ROI date if we don't.

5- You can sell your Trees from the First Farm if you have any then use the ROI to purchase Trees from Christmas 2020 Farm.

6- There will be no fees for deposits over $10 through the sale period.

7- "MOST IMPORTANTLY", hitting the target will give me the chance to purchase better PC, better PC means faster development for the website, Planet Of Luck and Planet Of Dreams, as I will be able to use latest versions of the softwares I use in the development, I'm currently using too old versions and the new versions should make things a lot easier and faster, this Farm is my last resort to speed up the development, sure I will continue the development no matter what, but I'm not sure how long this will take if this Farm fails, my goal is to improve the development environment with the Christmas 2020 Farm, so I won't lower the target this time as we MUST reach that target to obtain the result, I already lowered the target of the First Farm to show you how the Farms work, no need to do that again for the Christmas 2020 Farm.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas and New Year event (2020)

Sunday, December 8, 2019


You will be earning Present points while you are playing Planet Of Luck through the Christmas and New Year event which starts 15th December and ends at the end of 15th January, you can keep track of your Present points and exchange them with many Presents at the Present points exchange page that is full of different Presents, and you are welcome to pm me on Discord to suggest additional Presents.

The Events page has all the details about Present points and other additions in the event, and it will show who are the players who have accumulated the most Present points through the event, and the latest claimed Presents by players, and our new channel on Discord will give you instant notifications whenever someone gets a Present, make sure to join our Discord server.

Don't miss playing Planet Of Luck through the event to collect as many Presents as you can.

Present boxes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Planet Of Luck Farms

Friday, October 11, 2019


You can now purchase Trees planted in Planet Of Luck to harvest items and to make some profit in short period of time.

This is a new feature completely run on the website, you can already purchase as many Trees as you want, just log in your member area and check the Farms page for the details of these Farms, more Farms should be added in the future with different items and different ROI.

New channel in our Discord server will show a real time announcements whenever a player purchases Trees to keep you updated of the total sold Trees.

It isn't necessary to be active in Planet Of Luck to take part in this new feature, you can invest in these Trees without even playing Planet Of Luck, tho having your character in Planet Of Luck can increase your profit by selling the items you harvest if you are not planning to use them in your crafting.

I want to remind you that your support and activity is proportional to the development speed, I understand that most of you are bored and waiting for new versions with new content, but new versions will hardly happen if you stay inactive, when old players are inactive then there is no point and no pressure on me to work on new versions, of course I'm working on the development but not as fast as any of us would desire, the speed can greatly improve when you stick around, and this Farm feature has the potential to keep you around while we make better progress, our games are Real Cash Economy anyway and there should be more of such features.

Thanks for everyone who is still around and looking forward to have you back if you aren't ;)

Additional income for Giant hate bottles

Friday, March 1, 2019


Interesting new income stream coming soon to Permanent owners of Giant hate bottles, I can't give much details yet, but I just wanted to inform you about that now to give you enough planning time, because the new income stream will make all bottles more valuable and more attractive, and I'm not sure if I will keep the price as is or not.

Another reason for telling you this now is that I have updated the Agreement with another section that you should add to your planning for the future, review section (35) for more details.

Withdraw page

Being able to withdraw your balance is the most important thing in real cash economy games, and I have made that available since day one, and I have processed many withdrawals since the launch, but I wasn't experienced enough back then to save the records of these payments in a good shape to use in the future, and now I have to go through thousands of records to extract the information I need to finish up the withdraw page, that was the main reason to keep this page unfinished till now, extracting these records is tedious, boring, and takes a lot of time and needs much care to extract correct information, and I need to make them compatible with the different balances we have now and take care of all transfers to Main balance and such, since you will be withdrawing from your Main balance now not from each game separately, but I finished a big part of that and soon you will see a form to withdraw your Main balance, browse your withdrawals history and browse a list of latest withdrawals, I know you want to see this page fully functional, and I need to finish it too to get back to Planet Of Luck, then Planet Of Dreams development.

Development progress

Saturday, February 9, 2019


I know that you don't see much progress updates on the Coming version page, but that doesn't mean there is no progress, the progress is going very well and I did a lot of improvements and updates already, it is just that most of what I did is behind the scenes improvements to build up the base for the upcoming features, or some needed enhancements to the current version, so there is nothing to update the Coming version page with, you will learn more about these from the release notes of the new version, you already know that the release notes always has more than what is posted in the Coming version page which contains only a broad list of what I'm working on, but try to check the Coming version page regularly anyway as I may be able to add more details later.

I try to do some work on the website as well in parallel with the development of Planet Of Luck, check the website and your member area from time to time to see if there is something new, don't wait for an announcement about every update I make, these are a lot, I only announce about remarkable ones.

PayPal deposits are instant and fully automated now, they will be reflected on your balance right away.

Farewell our dear friend vista

Saturday, February 2, 2019


I met vista long ago in another online game, couple years earlier before launching Amir Games, later he found out about new games under development by me, and he joined back in 2015, and supported the development right away by depositing regularly and playing almost daily, even though he had enough fund in his account to play for long time without the need to deposit again, but he continued his regular deposits, and he told me many times that he is not planning to withdraw and I should use his deposits right away in the development without waiting till he spends them, and when he isn't happy about something in the games, he tells me about his disappointment but always finish his words saying that "but I will deposit again, I will keep supporting you".

vista was one of the very few people who believed in me, and wanted to have a role in the huge challenge of creating functional games by one person, he did believe in me and kept pushing me forward more than any of my family or my close friends in real life, those always tell me to stop and get a job, he took the challenge without waiting for any outcomes to himself, sure he was a hell of a gamer and no one could beat him on his progress and that should pay back with time, but that wasn't his only goal, he insisted to make Amir Games better and stood by my side all the time.

Even though vista was the highest rank player in Planet Of Dreams, he created his character in Planet Of Luck on its release date, he was excited to see something new and totally different, maybe he was disappointed a bit because he found another game instead of updating the old one, but he told me the same supportive words, and supported the new game right away and started from scratch, he understood the reasons of creating the new game and how this can help make both games better, he preferred to get involved and to continue his support rather than moving away or thinking bad about me like many others who did without giving themselves even the chance to try the new game, he joined forces with other players to make Amir Games better.

Last time we saw him was on 2017-08-03 18:05:57, some days passed and we started to worry about him, we asked each others hoping he left a message with one of us, but that led to nothing and we thought that he just left us, I had hopes that he is just bored and taking a break even though I know he wouldn't do that without leaving a note, but that wasn't the case, he did leave us actually, but not in that way, I've been told few days ago that our dear friend vista has passed away about a year ago, I don't know the exact date, but from what I have been told it seems that 2017-08-04 was his passing date.

I'm in a shock since I heard that sad news, I still can't believe that we won't see him again, I can't describe the pain I'm having since the day I heard about that, my English didn't help me write more and more about how wonderful person vista was, but you already know that if you have met him, we will miss you so much vista, but you will stay in our hearts forever, I will try to commemorate your memory and I will make it a big part of Amir Games' success if it happens to succeed.

About vista

Member ID: 596

Registration date: 2015-02-13 22:34:31

Last seen: 2017-08-03 18:05:57

Planet Of Dreams best characters:

veselin: Warrior level 68

vista1: Mining Dreamer level 42

veso: Medic Dreamer level 36

Planet Of Luck

vista1: 2017-04-11 07:32:37

The first player to reach level 2 on 2017-06-19 06:36:05

Christmas and New Year event (2019)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


It wasn't easy to find an interesting idea for the event without the need to implement it inside Planet Of Luck before hand, but I came up with a good one that can be implemented in the website, and I have created a new page inside your Dashboard to let you get many Christmas and New Year Presents, just play normally and visit your Dashboard to get your Presents.

You will be earning Present points while you are playing Planet Of Luck through the Christmas and New Year event which starts 15th December and ends 15th January, you can keep track of your Present points and exchange them with many Presents at the newly created page that is full of different Presents, and you are welcome to pm me on Discord to suggest additional Presents.

The Events page has all the details about Present points and other additions in the event, and it will show who are the players who have accumulated the most Present points through the event, and the latest claimed Presents by players, and our new channel on Discord will give you instant notifications whenever someone gets a Present, make sure to join our Discord server.

Don't miss playing Planet Of Luck through the event to collect as many Presents as you want.

Present boxes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Transfer page completed

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The Transfer page was just recently added to your Dashboard a few days ago to let you transfer your Main balance to both Planet Of Dreams and Planet Of Luck, and now the Transfer page has been completed to make transfers in all directions and give you more control on moving your balance.

Transfer from Planet Of Dreams to Main balance has been enabled.

Transfer from Planet Of Luck to Main balance has been enabled.

Next announcement will be about Christmas event, stay tuned.

Dashboard updates and PayPal instant deposits, phase 1

Saturday, November 24, 2018


The instant deposit through PayPal has been implemented.

Same as we did with CoinPayment, depositing to your account by PayPal will be in testing stage (phase 1) to test the implementation and to make sure it is free of bugs, that means your account won't get credited instantly, you will see it as pending till I manually verify and approve it, and even though I will do that manually but it will be fast process as I have incorporated Discord into the implementation pipeline and I will get instant notification through Discord whenever someone makes a deposit to make sure I verify the deposit as fast as possible (unless I'm sleeping ofc)

Instant crediting for deposits through PayPal will be enabled soon after getting enough transactions to test the implementation.

Updates to member area (Dashboard)

Your deposits are credited to your Main balance on the website now, you don't separately deposit to each game anymore, you just make a deposit to your account with us and have it reflected on your Main balance shown near the top of every page on the website after you log in, then you are free to transfer your Main balance to the game you want through the Transfer page inside your Dashboard, you can transfer part of your deposit to Planet Of Luck, part to Planet Of Dreams, or all the balance to one game, or just keep them on your Main balance and transfer as needed, you are in control of your balance now.

Deposit page has been updated, no separation between different games anymore since you deposit to your Main balance now not to each game separately.

You can see all your deposits history now at the bottom of the Deposit page, including past deposits to Planet Of Dreams.

Deposit page will include a section with your pending deposits as well when you deposit through methods on the semi instant section (deposit methods on phase 1)

Transfer page has been added to your member area to give you control of moving your Main balance as needed to/from the game you want.

You will be able to do the following on the Transfer page:

  • Transfer from Main balance to Planet Of Dreams.
  • Transfer from Main balance to Planet Of Luck.
  • Transfer from Planet Of Dreams to Main balance (soon).
  • Transfer from Planet Of Luck to Main balance (soon).

The Withdraw page will be updated later to let you withdraw your Main balance after completing the missing parts on the Transfer page.

The Agreement page has been updated to reflect the new changes, mostly it was re ordering with few additions, make sure to review it, I kept the parts that are not in effect anymore at the bottom of the page to let you know which parts will be removed before removing them completely later.

We should have had these updates a bit earlier, but as you already know, we got the issue of the server upgrade in our way and I had to deal with it first before updating the site with all these improvements, changes and additions.

Your Main balance should be 0 USD till you make a new deposit, you must contact me immediately if it is not, trying to transfer that balance will result in banning your account.

Thanks for your support and patience.

The Lost Souls in Planet of Luck!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Many players sign up to play Planet Of Luck without a sponsor and this is your chance to own their Lost soul and profit from their game play.

There will be a limited amount of Lost Souls available to purchase and when they are sold out there will be no new souls issued.

The starting price per Lost soul will be like 50,000 coins ($0.50) each, making them affordable for every player to purchase some.

The exact details of how the Lost souls will pay out, the total limited supply, when they will be available to purchase and other important details will be announced later.

I am currently working on a prototype for the implementation and finishing up some updates on the Deposit and Withdraw pages, once these pages are finished I will be getting back to work on the coming version which will contain Lost Souls in addition to other improvements and new features.

This will be another exciting update in Planet Of Luck that you will not want to miss, in addition the Lost Souls will bring in future development funding that will bring even more exciting updates in the future.

Stay tuned.