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Planet Of Luck

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Planet Of Luck version 5.1

Monday, September 07, 2020

This version is mainly bugs fixes for the previous version 5

New misc option to prevent all windows from going off screen, it is on by default, turn it off to move big windows off screen.

Clicking the referal link button on the Commissions window will take you to your referral link correctly now.

The option to see other nearby players is on by default now, you can turn it off through the Options window.

The locations of Hotkeys bar and Hunting tracker window are saved between sessions now.

Fixed the bug in the Market where My Orders section was showing incomplete icons of listed items, like level, multiplier etc.

Fixed the bug where the pm window was flickering while killing monsters.

Planet Of Dreams

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Planet Of Dreams version

Friday, February 12, 2016

Giant hate bottle

Monsters still trying to find more ways to win their fight against us and now they have chained the Giant hate bottles with huge shackles and chains, we have no clue what they are planning for but hopefully they will fail again.

Even though those Chains are huge but it seems they are not that strong, they fall apart while we attack the Giant hate bottles, now you will see some Chain pieces dropping from those huge Chains while attacking the bottle, the Loot collector will help you to collect those Chain pieces without wasting time collecting them yourself while attempting to acquire the Giant hate bottle.

Chain pieces have no use yet.

You can find more than one Silver key inside Giant hate bottle level 16 or higher; more keys from higher level Giant hate bottles.

You will receive Worm eggs every time you trade for a Hate bottle from a Giant hate bottle level 8 or higher now, more eggs from the higher level Giant hate bottles, and those eggs have no use yet.

The profit from Giant hate bottles are delivered through notifications now after the owner click on the collect button.

You can't trade for Pafra from a Giant hate bottle that has no owner anymore.

Some improvements behind the scene for the Giant hate bottles.

Legend dreamer

Legend dreamer has received many additions and changes.

Different and easier way of setting up dreams and items.

Ability to Enable/Disable dreams separately or the whole Legend.

More statistics in the control area.

The full details can be seen inside the game by the Legend dreamer, some modifications to the Legend dreamer description are available to all players through the Great magician window.

Legend dreamers will reward players with Dreamer coins now every time they Dream.

Ultimate legend won't reward players with Dreamer coins if by any chance he appears to them in Dreams, better to wait and use a Legend dreamer to receive these coins or even better try to help the current Legend dreamers getting themselves ready.

Dreamer coins have no use yet.


All character types have the same chance to attract a Giant now, earlier it was hard for a Medic dreamer to attract a Giant.

Some behind the scene changes to how the Giants arrive.

You can see the type of the arrived Giants now, Warrior, Medic or miner.

The red alarm to the left gives more information about the arrived Giants.

The Giant that is currently attacking you is highlighted and more noticeable now, helpful when more than one Giant is attacking you.

You will receive an additional new item when you kill a Giant now, the amount depends on the Giant level, that new item has no use yet.

The global message of killing Giants has been modified now and it will show which player has attracted the Giant.

Hidden chests

After killing the Giant, the killer is the only player who can see the locations of the new Hidden chests for 15 minutes, if he logs out, relogs or switch character he won't be able to see their locations anymore till after those 15 minutes, earlier he was able to switch character and still be able to see the locations of the new chests.

Hidden chests are globals now not HOFs, they were causing too much spam to notice the good HOFs.

The global message of opening a Hidden chest has been modified and it shows which player has discovered its location now (the player who killed the Giant).

You can easily track the Hidden chest you are after by clicking on its green button in the Chests window under "Available" column, clicking that button will shrink the window to make it easier to track its location, click same button again to get back to the full list.

Better amount of the items inside the Hidden chests with few exceptions.

You can no longer predict the good/bad Hidden chests, they are completely shuffled; you can find Polishers in a Hidden chest in Narrow valleys and find Oxygen in a Hidden chest in Main for example.

All left over Hidden chests from previous version have been removed.


Forgot password button has been added to the log in screen.

Improvements to Globals, HOFs and ATHs that you should feel through time, keep in mind the luck factor, your activity and the whole players activities.

The agro ranges of level 30, 34 and 35 have been slightly modified.

Small modification to the EXP effect.

The distance of visible mobs has been doubled; you will see mobs further away now.

The spawn rate and density of mobs have been increased for almost all mobs.

Pressing escape or closing mobs window by clicking on its close button won't cancel auto run anymore.

The animation speed for Healing skill, Burn skill, equipping and un-equipping has increased a bit.

You can click on the Mobs magnet now to let it follow or stop following you.

Globals button has been added to the Community menu to show the latest 50 globals, a good way to track activities inside the game and a good place to keep the spam away from the HOF list.

You can close the mining claims window by clicking the red X button to the top right (a returned functionality).

You can click a claim now to auto run to its location if you are wearing a Flapping wings.

More information about what items you can get from the Gift boxes can be found in their description.

You can find Golden gift boxes inside the Gift boxes now; you can't open Golden gift boxes yet.

The magician will reward you with Magic wands now when you purchase something with PODC instead of Diamonds, applicable only for purchases allowed with Diamonds, if the item is PODC only then you won't receive Magic wands, Magic wands have no use yet.

All the new items as Worm eggs, Chain pieces, new Giant drops, Dreamer coins, Magic wands and Golden gift boxes have no use as of the current version, it is your call if you want to ignore them or stocking them up for the later versions.

Many improvements behind the scenes.

Bugs fixes

The Push back skill bug should has been fixed.

The bug where some HOF listings were showing the "Congratulations" word should has been fixed.

The bug where closing mob window was canceling mining and causing mining dreamer to become unresponsive should has been fixed.

The bug where Medic becomes unresponsive after pressing attack skill while equipping animation still running should has been fixed.

Some other bugs fixes