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Planet Of Luck

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Planet Of Luck version 4

Saturday, August 04, 2018


Travel to different looking Mazes to fight aggressive monsters of all levels, they are the same monsters but all levels will attack you on sight, you can't escape them nor run away because you will be in a closed Maze and you will have to kill them to get the Keys to open its doors and to get access to its treasure Chests, dieing or teleporting out will cost you 4 Stone discs and a lot of time searching for its gate, and you will risk losing its treasure if another player find its gate if he can be faster than you on opening its Chests.

Each Giant hate bottle sells its respective Maze scroll, the level of the Maze determine monsters' levels and treasures.

Discover more about this interesting, fun and competitive addition inside the game, short summary of the Maze can be seen by clicking the Maze scroll inside the Shop in Giant hate bottles window, and more details are described in the Maze scroll's window when clicked from your inventory.

Mazes have a few sound effects.

You can buy Markers from any Giant hate bottle to mark your locations in case you get lost.

You can buy Golden keys from any Giant hate bottle to open the Chests inside the Maze.

Visible players

You can finally meet other online players now, you can see them moving around you and you can see what weapon and armor they use, and you will see the effect they get when they hit big.

You won't be able to see what exactly they are doing, you won't know if they are fighting monsters or opening a chest or a door, or just standing still, this is a limited functionality feature that we might be able to expand upon in future versions.

Nearby players are marked with green dots on the map.

New option in the Misc section of the Options window to enable/disable seeing other online characters.

MAXED equipments

MAXED equipments are special edition of each weapon/armor exists in the game.

MAXED equipments have their stats at the max stats their respective crafted/bought equipments have.

MAXED weapons have high critical hit chances.

You don't need to skill up or upgrade MAXED equipments.

Your character earns EXP if you are using the MAXED weapon of the same crafted/bought weapon that you earn EXP with, but you won't gain any progress on the crafted/bought weapon when using their MAXED version.

Example: You will gain EXP when using MAXED Noob Blunt sword as long as you gain EXP by using the Noob Blunt sword available from Giant hate bottles, but you won't gain any progress on the Noob Blunt sword, and you won't gain any EXP when using MAXED Beginner Blunt sword or any other MAXED weapon in that case.

You won't gain any progress on armors while wearing MAXED armors.

Simply put, you use MAXED equipments to go for higher monsters or to kill the Guards, but you don't gain any progress on any crafted/bought equipment while using them, only your character will gain EXP when using the correct MAXED weapon.

MAXED equipments can be found only inside Chests in Mazes and their icons have a star on them, better MAXED equipments are in higher level Mazes, you won't find MAXED Advanced Mesharshar in level 1 Maze for example.

Minerals extracting

Many additions and enhancements to the way you extract minerals from monsters.

The range of the vortex storm has been doubled.

The Guards of Giant hate bottles aren't affected anymore by the vortex storm, they won't attack you if they are in its range.

Mining animation speed has been slightly increased.

Each Extractor has a damage now, monsters will receive damage when they touch the spawned vortex by the Extractor, and the vortex will extract the mineral that monster has.

You might need to let the monster go through the vortex couple times to kill it if you are skilled enough to keep the vortex till it can kill it or you will have to get that monster to go through multiple vortex till it die.

The monster that touches a vortex even once won't give you any EXP nor fill Hate bottles if you kill it by a weapon.

The monster that touches a vortex will drop Secret ingredients only if you kill it by a weapon, the amount of Secret ingredients it drops will be the same as its damaged HP by the weapon.

The extracted mineral depends on the monster going through the vortex, not on the extractor anymore, you can use any Extractor to get any mineral if you can manage the monster holding that mineral.

The vortex won't aggro any additional monsters if its timer runs out.

The normal amount of minerals a vortex can extract is in the range between 1 and your level on the used Extractor + 1 or its max minerals, if you are level 10 on Noob rusted extractor for example, then you will be extracting 1 to 10 minerals on each use, earlier you would be extracting 10 minerals on every use which isn't sustainable.

Your character will earn 1 EXP point when a vortex finish extracting the minerals, but only when using the correct Extractor that you are skilling as long as your skilling progress isn't at 100%, you have to upgrade it to next level or switch to the next Extractor if you still want to gain EXP.

Be careful when choosing the area you will be using the Extractors at, you might lose a big hit(Global, HOF, ATH) if you can't deal with the monsters near that area, all monsters in the range of the big hit will attack you on sight as normal, but the vortex won't damage them, you have to do what it takes to stay alive in the highlighted green area surrounding the vortex while it automatically extract the minerals of the first monster it hits, the vortex will halt its mineral extraction if you die or move out of the highlighted green area.

Extractors skilling speed has been doubled, you need less Extractors now to progress them, the progress of the only 2 players who have skilled Noob rusted extractors enough to get affected by this change will have their progress adjusted.


Extensive behind the scenes improvements.

You can't attack the Guard of Giant hate bottles with crafted weapons anymore, you MUST use MAXED weapons.

The speed of all characters has been increased from 4 to 5 points, new characters will start with 5 points as well.

Speed is improved by 1 point instead of 0.1 when using Skill points to improve it.

The option to purchase Filled hate bottles by spending Kill points has been removed, you don't earn Kill points anymore.

Chances of applying critical damage have been increased for all weapons, that is if you are skilled enough to unlock critical damage.

You won't apply the full max damage on every critical hit anymore, it will be in the range between 1 to the max damage of the weapon depending on how skilled you are in that weapon.

New option in the Misc section of the Options window to enable/disable animated numbers (the way numbers are displayed on score board, monster stats and so on).

New button at the bottom of inventory to show/hide your balance, useful for privacy if you want to stream or record your game play without disclosing your balance.

Premium players will see a new button at the bottom of inventory to calculate their inventory value.

The required components to craft One hand staffs have been modified, and you don't need Filled hate bottles to craft them anymore.

You can buy Hammers from any Giant hate bottle now to split equipments with durability over 100%, and to destroy equipments to get Scrap which is needed in crafting.

You can't destroy the equipments available from Giant hate bottles.

The icon of equipments on Hotkeys is enhanced now to show its version and if it is a MAXED one or not, same enhancement has been applied to the icon of equipped items.

The amount of the Secret ingredients you loot from level 2 and up monsters has been decreased to 2 multiplied by your level instead of 5 and subject to change at anytime without notice.

Improvements to the way of getting big hits.

Hunting big hits message in chat has more details now, but it shows in big hits list as total value as it was.

You don't get Diamonds in crafting big hits anymore, you get Scrap instead.

All friends' lists have been deleted in order to fix a bug, you will need to re add your friends to the list again.

Damage sound has been separated from the sound effects and it has its own option now.

Adjustments to the chances of getting loot value worth more than the monster's HP in hunting.

The commissions structure for Giant hate bottles have been modified to offer commissions to high level ones.

Governmental is the Permanent owner of Giant hate bottle level 6 now since level 1 bottle don't give commission on any decayed equipment anymore, he still own level 1.

Amir (me) is the Permanent owner of Giant hate bottles 7, 8, 9 and 10, I will keep level 7 for myself, the rest will be available to anyone to buy at the normal price as if they have no Permanent owner, level 7 is not special, I'm just keeping one to myself to monitor their functionalities and to fund my game play.

The price of all Giant hate bottles has been increased.

All monsters will be moving around less now to limit their travel away from their spawn points.

Small stones are rare drops from level 9 to 15, level 16 and up monsters drop them easier the higher you go.

Bugs fixes

The bug of double messages in chat should has been fixed.

The bug where the character became unresponsive while using Extractors should has been fixed.

The bug where you get commission messages that don't belong to you should has been fixed.

The bugs where you receive a wrong private message, friend request and trade request should have been fixed.

Fixes for other bugs.

Planet Of Dreams

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Planet Of Dreams version

Friday, February 12, 2016

Giant hate bottle

Monsters still trying to find more ways to win their fight against us and now they have chained the Giant hate bottles with huge shackles and chains, we have no clue what they are planning for but hopefully they will fail again.

Even though those Chains are huge but it seems they are not that strong, they fall apart while we attack the Giant hate bottles, now you will see some Chain pieces dropping from those huge Chains while attacking the bottle, the Loot collector will help you to collect those Chain pieces without wasting time collecting them yourself while attempting to acquire the Giant hate bottle.

Chain pieces have no use yet.

You can find more than one Silver key inside Giant hate bottle level 16 or higher; more keys from higher level Giant hate bottles.

You will receive Worm eggs every time you trade for a Hate bottle from a Giant hate bottle level 8 or higher now, more eggs from the higher level Giant hate bottles, and those eggs have no use yet.

The profit from Giant hate bottles are delivered through notifications now after the owner click on the collect button.

You can't trade for Pafra from a Giant hate bottle that has no owner anymore.

Some improvements behind the scene for the Giant hate bottles.

Legend dreamer

Legend dreamer has received many additions and changes.

Different and easier way of setting up dreams and items.

Ability to Enable/Disable dreams separately or the whole Legend.

More statistics in the control area.

The full details can be seen inside the game by the Legend dreamer, some modifications to the Legend dreamer description are available to all players through the Great magician window.

Legend dreamers will reward players with Dreamer coins now every time they Dream.

Ultimate legend won't reward players with Dreamer coins if by any chance he appears to them in Dreams, better to wait and use a Legend dreamer to receive these coins or even better try to help the current Legend dreamers getting themselves ready.

Dreamer coins have no use yet.


All character types have the same chance to attract a Giant now, earlier it was hard for a Medic dreamer to attract a Giant.

Some behind the scene changes to how the Giants arrive.

You can see the type of the arrived Giants now, Warrior, Medic or miner.

The red alarm to the left gives more information about the arrived Giants.

The Giant that is currently attacking you is highlighted and more noticeable now, helpful when more than one Giant is attacking you.

You will receive an additional new item when you kill a Giant now, the amount depends on the Giant level, that new item has no use yet.

The global message of killing Giants has been modified now and it will show which player has attracted the Giant.

Hidden chests

After killing the Giant, the killer is the only player who can see the locations of the new Hidden chests for 15 minutes, if he logs out, relogs or switch character he won't be able to see their locations anymore till after those 15 minutes, earlier he was able to switch character and still be able to see the locations of the new chests.

Hidden chests are globals now not HOFs, they were causing too much spam to notice the good HOFs.

The global message of opening a Hidden chest has been modified and it shows which player has discovered its location now (the player who killed the Giant).

You can easily track the Hidden chest you are after by clicking on its green button in the Chests window under "Available" column, clicking that button will shrink the window to make it easier to track its location, click same button again to get back to the full list.

Better amount of the items inside the Hidden chests with few exceptions.

You can no longer predict the good/bad Hidden chests, they are completely shuffled; you can find Polishers in a Hidden chest in Narrow valleys and find Oxygen in a Hidden chest in Main for example.

All left over Hidden chests from previous version have been removed.


Forgot password button has been added to the log in screen.

Improvements to Globals, HOFs and ATHs that you should feel through time, keep in mind the luck factor, your activity and the whole players activities.

The agro ranges of level 30, 34 and 35 have been slightly modified.

Small modification to the EXP effect.

The distance of visible mobs has been doubled; you will see mobs further away now.

The spawn rate and density of mobs have been increased for almost all mobs.

Pressing escape or closing mobs window by clicking on its close button won't cancel auto run anymore.

The animation speed for Healing skill, Burn skill, equipping and un-equipping has increased a bit.

You can click on the Mobs magnet now to let it follow or stop following you.

Globals button has been added to the Community menu to show the latest 50 globals, a good way to track activities inside the game and a good place to keep the spam away from the HOF list.

You can close the mining claims window by clicking the red X button to the top right (a returned functionality).

You can click a claim now to auto run to its location if you are wearing a Flapping wings.

More information about what items you can get from the Gift boxes can be found in their description.

You can find Golden gift boxes inside the Gift boxes now; you can't open Golden gift boxes yet.

The magician will reward you with Magic wands now when you purchase something with PODC instead of Diamonds, applicable only for purchases allowed with Diamonds, if the item is PODC only then you won't receive Magic wands, Magic wands have no use yet.

All the new items as Worm eggs, Chain pieces, new Giant drops, Dreamer coins, Magic wands and Golden gift boxes have no use as of the current version, it is your call if you want to ignore them or stocking them up for the later versions.

Many improvements behind the scenes.

Bugs fixes

The Push back skill bug should has been fixed.

The bug where some HOF listings were showing the "Congratulations" word should has been fixed.

The bug where closing mob window was canceling mining and causing mining dreamer to become unresponsive should has been fixed.

The bug where Medic becomes unresponsive after pressing attack skill while equipping animation still running should has been fixed.

Some other bugs fixes