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Planet Of Dreams

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Current event in Planet Of Dreams

No active event.

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Planet Of Luck

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Big wins doubling

First global ever till 1,000,000 Diamonds

1,000,000 Diamonds in prizes.

Get a Global, HOF or ATH in hunting, extracting or crafting and receive same value in Diamonds.

You will receive a notification containing the same value in Diamonds for every Big win you get till total prizes reach 1,000,000 Diamonds, then the event expires.

Good luck and have fun.

Winners (Total prizes so far: 928,841 Diamonds)
No.CharacterBig winTimeDiamond prize
57JohnW13,581 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/17/2017 9:13:05 AM13,581
56JohnW19,872 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/17/2017 8:42:30 AM19,872
55JohnW15,701 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/16/2017 7:03:16 AM15,701
54JohnW13,861 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/15/2017 1:10:09 PM13,861
53JohnW15,020 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/15/2017 6:52:38 AM15,020
52JohnW12,352 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/15/2017 5:31:40 AM12,352
51JohnW15,434 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/15/2017 5:19:34 AM15,434
50JohnW19,594 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/14/2017 6:36:08 AM19,594
49JohnW19,587 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/14/2017 5:57:58 AM19,587
48JohnW18,642 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/14/2017 5:49:13 AM18,642
47JohnW10,794 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/13/2017 7:46:19 AM10,794
46JohnW17,265 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/13/2017 5:58:13 AM17,265
45JohnW12,471 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/13/2017 5:35:46 AM12,471
44JohnW10,657 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/13/2017 1:25:37 AM10,657
43JohnW14,567 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/10/2017 6:41:51 PM14,567
42JohnW19,544 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/10/2017 6:19:30 PM19,544
41JohnW16,262 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/10/2017 2:57:51 PM16,262
40JohnW10,157 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/10/2017 8:51:05 AM10,157
39JohnW11,971 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/10/2017 4:52:24 AM11,971
38JohnW14,648 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/10/2017 3:50:37 AM14,648
37JohnW11,512 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/10/2017 2:45:35 AM11,512
36Sky15,000 Coins from Lerpz11/9/2017 8:34:34 AM15,000
35JohnW13,943 Coins from Baby Lerpz11/8/2017 1:57:42 PM13,943
34JohnW15,627 Coins from Lerpz11/7/2017 6:08:28 AM15,627
33JohnW16,776 Coins from Lerpz11/7/2017 5:57:12 AM16,776
32JohnW15,692 Coins from Lerpz11/6/2017 3:08:29 PM15,692
31JohnW22,418 Coins from Lerpz11/1/2017 6:22:28 AM22,418
30Scotchabzorba12,556 Coins from Baby Lerpz10/31/2017 2:51:40 PM12,556
29JohnW27,822 Coins from Lerpz10/31/2017 3:23:47 AM27,822
28Sky10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz10/27/2017 5:29:46 AM10,000
27JohnW24,960 Coins from Lerpz10/24/2017 1:49:58 AM 24,960
26Sky10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz10/21/2017 6:32:49 AM10,000
25Sky10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz10/16/2017 7:58:44 AM10,000
24JohnW18,253 Coins from Baby Lerpz10/9/2017 3:59:17 AM18,253
23JohnW16,947 Coins crafting Healing potion lvl 210/6/2017 10:40:28 AM16,947
22JohnW23,347 Coins from Lerpz9/29/2017 8:59:03 AM23,347
21Sky12,796 Coins crafting Healing potion lvl 19/28/2017 8:32:01 AM12,796
20Sky14,351 Coins crafting Healing potion lvl 19/28/2017 8:28:49 AM14,351
19Sky10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz9/26/2017 11:35:46 PM10,000
18Ebx10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz9/24/2017 5:55:07 AM10,000
17Ebx10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz9/23/2017 11:48:23 AM10,000
16JohnW26,167 Coins from Survive Lerpz9/21/2017 1:23:04 AM26,167
15JohnW12,643 Coins from Baby Lerpz9/20/2017 4:21:14 PM12,643
14JohnW20,248 Coins from Lerpz9/18/2017 2:25:28 AM20,248
13Piraten10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz9/17/2017 1:27:11 PM10,000
12Amir10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz9/16/2017 11:48:31 PM10,000
11Amir10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz8/1/2017 8:34:34 PM10,000
10Ebx10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz8/1/2017 4:39:18 PM10,000
9vista129,230 Coins from Lerpz7/31/2017 6:33:50 PM29,230
8JohnW10,000 Coins from Baby Lerpz7/31/2017 11:44:41 AM10,000
7vista124,940 Coins from Lerpz7/31/2017 2:49:14 AM24,940
6vista128,956 Coins from Lerpz7/29/2017 7:53:40 AM28,956
5vista118,525 Coins from Baby Lerpz7/25/2017 2:45:18 AM18,525
4vista118,436 Coins from Baby Lerpz7/20/2017 6:26:06 AM18,436
3vista119,004 Coins from Baby Lerpz7/19/2017 5:20:24 AM19,004
2vista118,518 Coins from Baby Lerpz7/18/2017 10:04:13 AM18,518
1Ebx38,194 Coins crafting Healing potion lvl 15/24/2017 9:43:06 AM38,194